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3 victories in France  - Dan Gurney

This achievement commemorates Dan Gurney’s 3 victories in France. The Grand Prix de France 1962 at the Rouen-les -Essarts circuit, where Dan Gurney won her first career victory in competition and Porsche’s only single seater victory.

The Grand Prix de France 1964, still on the circuit of Rouen-les -Essarts, at the wheel of the Brabham Climax N°22. It is curiously the second victory in single-seater of Dan Gurney and the first victory of the team Brabham.

The 24 Heures du Mans 1967, associated with A.J Foyt, driving the Ford MK4 N° 1, in front of the Ferrari 330 P4 N°21.


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COBRA 289 FIA  N° 146  - Targa Florio - 1964

Dan Gurney and Jerry Grant lead the 289 SHELBY COBRA N° 146 through the sunny villages of the sicilian mountains this April 26, 1964. 10 laps of 72 kms will destroy the suspensions of the car but will not prevent it from finishing a very beautiful eighth place in the general classification and first of the category of more 3 liters.
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No need to introduce the FORD GT 40 !

Concept born of Eric Broadley’s brain and taken again by the american brand Ford wich will make of it the pillar of its winning strategy for a long time with the assistance of Carroll Shelby.

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FERRARI 275 P2  N° 198 - Targa Florio - 1965

Nino Vaccarella and Lorenzo Bandini align this May 9th of 1965 at the start of the Targa Florio with the FERRARI 275 P2 3,3 L, new war-horse of the brand of Modena. Lorenzo Bandini will take the wheel of P2 to the supply of the 3rd turn and will not have any more that to manage the advance accumulated by Vaccarella so that the crew gains the victory at the end of the 10th round. 
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Jim CLARK - Zandvoort - 1965

This July 18th 1965, Jim Clark started from the middle of the first line of the Formula 1 Grand Prix of the Netherlands in Zandvoort, having established the second best time of trials, right behind Graham hill. To the exit of this race Jim Clark led the 1965 Championship of the World with 45 points, preceding Graham Hill who added up 26 of them to him.
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FERRARI 330 P4 N° 21 - Le Mans - 1967

Le Mans 1967. Ford aligns his MK4 to defeat Ferrari. However, the Ferrari 330 P4 N° 21 driven by Ludovico Scarfiotti and Mike Parkes clings until the end of the race, conceding only 4 laps to the Ford N° 1 driven by Gurney-Foyt. With 384 completed laps, she will finish second in front of another Ferrari 330 P4, the number 24 of the Belgian national team. This realisation in perspective ¾ back highlights the beautiful and undisputed lines of this formidable aesthetic success of the Ferrari brand.


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FERRARI 365 GTB 4  N° 71 - Le Mans - 1974

This FERRARI was entered in GTS category for the 1974 edition of the 24 Heures du Mans. Thanks to its V12 engine of legendary robustness, the FERRARI will traverse 4280,505 kms of 24 hours with the average of 178,354 km/h. First place of the GTS, 5th of the general classification, first place of the energetic efficiency and first place in the class of the cars from 3 to 5 liters.
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PORSCHE 962 C  N° 11 - Le Mans - 1987

This PORSCHE was entered by Team Kremer Racing for the 24 Heures du Mans 1987. With its wheel, the pilots : Fouché, Konrad and Taylor, will traverse 4425,169 kms at the mean velocity of 184,382 km/h.

Various problems, related to electronics and brakes system, will delay this Porsche. She will however be ranked 4th in the distance ranking


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PORSCHE 962 C  N° 72 - Le Mans - 1987

This 962 C PORSCHE was entered by PRIMAGAZ Competition. The number 72 of this car had been specially requested by PRIMAGAZ Competition, recalling the number of the department of Sarthe. This car will arrive just in time for the Le Mans May trials. Driven by the crew, Yver, De Dryver et Laessig, she will be constantly at the forefront and fight after 18 hours of racing with Cheever, Boesel, Lammers’s Jaguar. She will finish second in the final classification

                                                             having traveled 4532 kms in 334 laps at the average

                                                             of 188,833 km/h.The involvement of the PRIMAGAZ

                                                             brand in competition has been rewarded. 


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JAGUAR XJR-8 LM  N° 4 - Le Mans - 1987

Type XJR-8 LM. Group C1. This Jaguar was entered by Silk Cut Racing for the edition of the 24 Heures du Mans 1987. We found at his wheel the crew, Cheever, Boesel, Lammers. This car will finish 5th of the general classification after having encountered many problems during the race : replacement of gearbox, concern with the cable of accelerator and seized up hub. It will achieve 324 laps with the average of 183,121 km/h adding up 4394,891 kms 


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PORSCHE 993 GT 2  N° 65 - Le Mans - 1998

This PORSCHE driven by Schirle, Warnock and Arhle was entered by Roock Racing for the 24 Heures du mans 1998. Many problems will overpower the N° 65, adding up at the end of the race 5h30 of stop to the stand. Windshield replacement, frontal impact, gearbox changeover and spinning, will beat the 993 GT 2’s braking time average. She will finally ranked eighth in GT2 and 22nd in the overall. 
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FERRARI 333 SP N° 3 - Le Mans - 1998

Gianpiero Moretti presented himself at the 24 Heures du Mans that year with the secret hope of achieving a historic treble. Indeed, the Ferrari 333 SP N°3 had just won the 24 hours of Daytona with the crew, Mauro Baldi, Arie Luyendyk and the 12 hours of Sebring with Mauro Baldi and Didier Theys. The automotive sport press had high hopes for this car and the pressure on the crew was enormous. Despite the power and reliability of its 4 liters V12, the 311 laps it will accomplish will be insufficient to bring it to the top step of the podium. She will finish 14th overall and 3rd in the LMP1 category. The miracle will not have happened.

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PORSCHE  993 GT 2  N° 60 - Le Mans - 1998

From the start of this edition of the 24 Heures du Mans 1998 the Porsche 993 GT2 N°60 is leading the GT2, ahead of the Chrysler Viper who had dominated the trials.  At 18h, after 4 hours of racing, the Porsche N°60 is pointed in 29th position. The crew, Jarier, Rosenblad and Donovan, continuing his effort leads to 26th place at 20h. At midnight they will be in 23 rd position behind the Chamberlain Engineering Viper. Unfortunately in the 164th round, the transmission is loose and it is the abandonment for the team. 
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PORSCHE GT 3 RSR  N° 76  - Le Mans - 2005

IMSA Performance this year committed a Porsche 911 GT3 RSR N°76 powered by a flat 6, 3,6L. This car was driven by the crew, Narac, Dumez, Dumas. Engaged in the GT2 category, the trio will finish in 15th place overall with 322 laps completed and an average of 182,421 km/h for the best time in the race.


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