About a passion...



Motor Sport is a source for an artist, of inexhaustible inspiration. It is a world in constant change and evolution,  where noisy and colourful aesthetic has long found its place.

As a result, motor racing has really gained its nobility as an artistic subject and for many years, painters, designers and sculptors from all over the world have produced works to the glory of the machines that generate so much passion.

My travels on the circuits gave me the opportunity to capture and immortalise moments of intense races and to fix on the paper or on the canvas the generous curves or the lines of stretched mythical cars. But this graphic tribute to motor sport would not be complete without reference to its glorious past. It is therefore natural that cars and drivers of my youth find their place among my achievements.

My paintings and my original drawings are both artistic and realistic in their rendering.

I hope you will enjoy them.



          Bruno Roussel - Racing Studio